Women in a classroom

    In San Diego, Marinello Schools of Beauty has been shut down. This is connected to the time when students situated in El Cajon were asked to have their belongings packed because the said close is about to close anytime soon. In a local perspective, Marinello comes with almost 56 beauty schools.


    The news saddened many graduating students. This is not surprising because most of them had settled their tuition fee already. In two weeks’ time, they are set to march the stage. This was the statement of Ronna Magown who used to have the service of the school.

    Marinello being asked to close can be related to the fact that the Department of Education of the United States decided to cut the financial aid being offered by the state to the school. This is also the reality of most Marinello Schools of Beauty. This is found in Nevada and California. For this news, the campus in El Cajon was not pointed out at all.


    There are claims going around saying that the school keeps the money which is meant to be the financial aid of the students. As this became an issue, the press talked to the students and staff of the beauty school. There is this student who said that she is afraid to speak out because if she will, she might lose all of the hours she gained from the school.

    The closing pushed everyone into the brink of hopelessness. Some of them even ask – what are they going to do with their lives now? This also is the effect of the problem.


    The thing is that the whole Marine school receives $87 million. This is only an estimation and there is a big possibility for them to be receiving more. This is how it has been most especially in the Pell Grants and even that of federal loans. The information is given by the United States Department of Education.

    It might be devastating for students who are now faced to extinction. While they may still work on using the previous hours they had in the said school, it might be threatening to find out that it is going to close now considering that it has been in the business since the year 1905. This leading team in the offering of defined beauty has been facing ugly issues right now.

    What will happen to the short programs and workshops they used to offer? How about the 56 campus locations they have been operating now? These are yet to be answered.

    The National Accrediting Commission of Career and Sciences, or the NACCAS, gave the school the accreditation it needs. Ever since its establishment, it was recognized by the DepEd of the US. Students who were enrolled in the school were given the chance to learn from professionals themselves. This was done with the facilitation of new state-of-the-art equipment. However, this is about to change now. Many are still waiting for reports regarding this.