• Exhibits And Attractions In San Diego Zoo That Are A Must To Explore

    Picture Of Guided Bus Tour

    San Diego Zoo is located within the gorgeous Balboa Park, which, in turn, has a great number of other attractions including botanical gardens, museums, trails, restaurants, and open spaces. The zoo has a great number of animals of different species. Moreover, there are some endangered species as well. Also, as the terrain is hilly tourists are invariably given some workout while they explore the animals and other exhibits in the zoo. So, here are some of the exhibits and attractions that are worth exploring in San Diego Zoo.

    Guided Bus Tour

    Well, guided bus tour is not exactly any exhibit to explore; however, the tour offers tourists a great insight into the place, so that they are in a better position to find out what they really want to explore here. They are made to sit on this double-decker bus that takes them through all parts of the zoo. So, hopping onto the bus is actually a preliminary to having the best time in the zoo.


    Pandas adorn the San Diego Zoo, and they have been here since 1996 when they were loaned from China. The great part about visiting giant pandas is that they are among the endangered species, and, in fact, only 1600 of those are known to be surviving worldwide. The authorities here make strenuous efforts to improve the number of pandas.

    Polar Bears

    Polar Bears are another attraction of San Diego Zoo. There are three of those who could be viewed from underwater viewing room. Also, one could also have the chance to see them in the tundra habitat, where they live. Further, there is a chance to get a close-up experience as well by visiting the ‘Experience Wall,’ where one could see the polar bears through glass panels.

    Skyfari Aerial Team

    Skyfari Aerial Team is a great alternative to avoiding hiking the arduous trails, as it takes one around the zoo and the Balboa Park, thereby enabling people to witness spectacular views of the surroundings.


    Koalas have always been fascinating to adults and children alike. The newest exhibit in San Diego Zoo is the unmistakable Conrad Prebys Australian Outback, which is affectionately called as Koalifornia. The place offers a great chance to the visitors to see the pandas from a closer distance, and also get involved in some hands-on activities.

    Elephant Odyssey

    The elephant habitat here spans 2.5 acre area, and there are both Asian and African elephants kept here. There is the ‘Elephant Care Center’ as well where one could see the animals that are being taken care of by zoo keepers. Further, kids could explore the ‘Elephant Play Area’, which has a maze, a variety of puzzles for pupils to solve.


    Masai Giraffes are found in the San Diego Zoo in its exhibit called the ‘Urban Jungle Exhibit.’ One could get a chance to feed the giraffes as well.

    Scripp’s Aviary

    Scripp’s Aviary is 80 foot tall, and is located in African rainforest. It has a dazzling array of African native birds. In fact, there are 130 birds of 35 different varieties of species. The experience of visiting the aviary is simply unsurpassed, since one is invariably overpowered by the distinct sounds of the birds.

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