• Exploring Great Places To Take Kids In San Diego

    View Of Balboa Park

    San Diego has evolved as a stunning tourist destination over the years. The natural environment of the place couple with the strenuous efforts of the administration has made the place a truly memorable place to visit. The best part is that parents could enjoy their stay here along with their naughty kids, since there are plenty of places to visit for kids. Here are top five locations in San Diego that never fail to amaze the kids.

    San Diego Zoo

    San Diego Zoo is a perfect holiday destination for kids as well as the adults. There are ‘habitat inspired’ enclosures here which make the visit truly enjoyable and unforgettable. Moreover, there are polar bears as well as swimming hippos that are too adorable to miss. Besides, there is the Children’s Zoo as well here. Other animals here include koalas, pandas, and tigers, to name a few. Tourists could always embark upon private tours in order to get a great insight into the various animals in the zoo.

    The greatest attraction in the zoo is perhaps the ‘Wild Animal Park’ which has been made in ‘safari’ style, as a monorail takes tourists through massive enclosures. Kids particularly love ‘photo safari’ and other adventurous activities like ‘overnight camp outs.’

    The Beach

    Beaches in San Diego become an obvious choice because of the stunning views of the Pacific and clear skies that greet the tourists. There are a number of fascinating beaches here including Pacific Beach, La Jolla Beach, etc. Besides, kids love to get involved in activities like kayaking, and mountain biking.

    Sea World

    Sea World has always mesmerized the kids with a dazzling array of activities. The best thing about the shows here is that they are not only entertaining but also informative. So, the place is a perfect blend of amusement and education. Kids love the ‘fun zone’ here, as there is a roller coaster, and a water play area here. Other activities for kids include feeding the walruses or dolphins. Smaller kids love to explore the sea animals in tidal pool exhibit.

    La Jolla And Birch Aquarium

    La Jolla stands true to its literal meaning, as it is a ‘jewel’ in San Diego that demands special attention from everyone. There are a number of beautiful spots here, including the Birch Aquarium. It is located in USA’s topmost Oceanography Research Center, and takes about an hour to explore. One gets to experience stunning views of the beach from the back terrace here. Besides, there is a small yet attractive tide pool as well.

    There are plenty of activities to get involved in La Jolla. One could explore La Jolla Cove, or go up to the beautiful Torrey Pines National Reserve. Kids also love watching hang-gliders soar high above the cliffs. Kids also love Children’s Cove as they are always intrigued by the activities performed by the seals.

    Balboa Park

    Visit to San Diego is certainly incomplete without paying a visit to Balboa Park, which spreads in whopping 1200 acre. There are plenty of options available for the families here including exploring the zoo, theatres, museums, etc.

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