• Greatest Hikes In San Diego Offering Completely Unforgettable Experience

    Sun Set View At Palomar Mountain

    Greatest Hikes In San Diego Offering Completely Unforgettable Experience

    San Diego has always attracted a sizeable proportion of tourists from all over the world. These tourists are always attracted by the prospects of lying on the beaches of San Diego and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. However, San Diego has other great things to offer too. And, one of these spectacular things to do in San Diego is to go hiking. There are some incredible hikes in San Diego that have historical as well as cultural significance. Not only tourists get to experience the great beauty of nature but also set their foot on some of the iconic locations in San Diego that are famous throughout the planet. So, here are some great hikes in San Diego.

    Cowless Mountains

    Cowless Mountains enjoy the distinction of being San Diego’s highest peak within the city limits. The hike takes one to a height of 1595 feet, and the 1.5 mile loop is, in fact, the best hike to traverse post lunch. The trail is steep, of course, but it is a perfect one for the experienced and adventure loving hikers. One gets 360 degree views of the San Diego from the top. So, this reward certainly acts as a great motivating factor for the people.

    Palomar Mountains

    There are certainly overwhelming features that characterize Palomar Mountains, including ubiquitous cedar trees and gigantic Douglas firs. Besides, one is also greeted with great views of San Jacinto Peaks from here. It takes one around 8-10 hours to cover the round trip spanning 13 miles. Moreover, there is the Palomar Observatory that offers stunning stargazing experience.

    Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

    Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is hugely popular among the people because of its easy accessibility. Besides, it is one of the most enchanting and relaxing hikes. The 1.5 mile long hike presents one utmost sea cliffs, majestic tide pools, and soothing ocean air. Moreover, one gets a chance to see bottlenose dolphins, as well as a dazzling array of seals playing along the rocks.

    Balboa Park Trails

    Balboa Park is certainly an iconic spot in San Diego. The place has a great variety of things to offer to the tourists including art exhibits, museums, Balboa Park, and the great botanical gardens, to name a few. Besides, there are countless events and festivals organised here. The best part about the hiking trails here is that one gets a great number of sightseeing options. There are five trails of varying lengths that visitors could choose according to their stamina.

    Borrego Palm Canyon

    Borrego Palm Canyon is a must to visit for tourists who are looking to get the true essence of San Diego’s natural beauty. The trail is desolate and offers perfect desert experience by extending wildflowers, cactus gardens, and beautiful bighorn sheep. Basically, the place got its name from sheep or Borrego as it is called.

    Mount Woodson

    Mount Woodson is hugely popular spot that is also known as ‘Potato Chip Rock.’ It is famous for offering the view of rock formation from the top. This feature makes it a perfect place for the photographers who don’t want to miss a chance to capture the scintillating beauty of the place.

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