Vine Vera customers review

Vine Vera Review
Recently went to the Vine Vera Escondido Store and thought that I should share my experience with you guys. First of all, I would like to talk about the store itself. The Vine Vera Escondido store is really something else. It is a place that every San Diegan should be aware of. They have a beautiful décor and an extremely stylish design that simply makes you forget about everything else. For that little time you are in the store, all you can think about is your skin and how to pamper it. Honestly, I did not expect any beauty store to be so cool, but this was something else.

Vine Vera VIP Room

I had booked a facial with Vine Vera because I had heard a lot about it online. The moment I entered the store, this really cool gurl (damn, I forgot her name) welcomed me inside and offered me with a choice of refreshments. She then introduced me to their collections and took me into their VIP room for the facial.

The VIP room was even more luxurious than the store itself. It featured this beautiful fully reclinable couch where I was made to sit down for the facial. I think the couch took the shape of my body because it felt soo comfortable. The technician got about her task and began applying Vine Vera products on my face. They also asked me what kind of music I liked and played something to suit my style. WoW. Talk about customization.

What I liked even more than the music was that the lady kept explaining each step and what she was doing. She allowed me to understand exactly how to replicate the entire facial at home so that I could enjoy the same experience when at home. I really like it when someone talks about what they used on my skin and why they used it. I was a bit disappointed when the facial got over in 45 minutes. Somehow, my body refused to accept that the pampering was over.

Anyways, I didn’t wanna embarrass myself. So I grudgingly made my body to get out of that comfy seat and I went outside to check out some of their collections. I loved the Pinot Noir collection and purchased the entire set for my skin care routine. What I liked the most about the collection is that it contained all sorts of fruit extracts, vitamins and Resveratrol. I also liked that the company only used natural products and did not believe in animal testing. I hate people who test on animals. Someone should make them test subjects. Hmph.

Anyways, coming back to the Pinot Noir collection, one of the main reasons that I purchased it was that my skin looked dull. It’s only been a week since I went to the store and began to use the collection, but my skin really looks so beautiful. It’s starting to look so youthful and it has started to glow also.

Vine Vera Pinot Noir Collection

My skin LOVED Vine Vera and it would like to thank you for making it look beautiful all over again!!!

P.S. The best part was that they didn’t charge anything for the facial and also gave me a good discount on the Pinot Noir collection